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Ann Schlapia

Iowa Intermediary Network
Work Place Learning Network Coordinator
The Iowa Intermediary Network Coordinators connect students to great career exploration opportunities in our state through exciting, work-based learning with highly dynamic and technology-driven Iowa industries.

The purpose of the program shall be to prepare students for the workforce by connecting business and the education system and offering relevant, work-based learning activities to students and teachers. The program shall:
Better prepare students to make informed postsecondary education and career decisions.Provide communication and coordination in order to build and sustain relationships between employers and local youth, the education systems, and the community at large.Provide a one-stop contact point for information useful to both educators and employers, including information on internships, job shadowing experiences, and other workplace learning opportunities for students, particularly related to science, technology, engineering, or mathematics occupations, occupations related to critical infrastructure and commercial and residential construction, or targeted industries as defined in section 15.102.Integrate services provided through the program with other career exploration-related activities such as the student core curriculum plan and the career information and decision-making system developed and administered under section 279.61, where appropriate.Facilitate the attainment of portable credentials of value to employers such as the national career readiness certificate, where appropriate.Develop work-based capacity with employers.Provide core services, which may include student job shadowing, student internships, and teacher or student tours.